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Thank you for your ongoing support! It is people, like yourself, that continue to recognize an investment in the Steamboat Springs Free Summer Concert Series is an investment in YOUR community! Your commitment to this community asset is invaluable. We hope you will make an investment in the Steamboat Springs Free Summer Concert Series and help KEEPIN' IT FREE!


Did you know?

• This program has served over 300,000 over the past 23 years.

• The Series received a 2010 Sustainability Leadership award for its efforts in Zero Waste event management.

• Over $24,000 in cash and 25,000 pounds of food have been collected for Lift –Up at the concerts.

• Voted #1 Best of the Boat – Summer Event


Our Commitment · Our Community!

• Provide FREE ACCESS to popular music for all ages.

• Build collaborations for special causes and events.

• Support Lift Up with food and cash.

• Retain all concerts as Zero Waste events.

• Preserve a sense of community through a quality family friendly event!



In 2011, the Series celebrated its 20th anniversary with some of the best music ever presented in the Yampa Valley! Who can forget the awesome Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, or G Love and Special Sauce concerts.


Help us to sustain the momentum of high quality of music for the benefit and enjoyment of the entire community! The SSFSCS Board is excited to begin booking bands for the 2015 Series, which will see all five concerts located at the Howelsen Hill Amphitheater.


Please help support the Steamboat Springs Free Summer Concert Series.

Thank you to all of our loyal sponsors.


The Steamboat Springs Free Summer Concert Series is a 501c(3) Charitable Organization Individual Gifts are Tax Deductible to the Full Extent of the IRS Rules and Regulations.

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